Times Square-42nd street

42 tiles

Lines served
1 2 3 7 A C E N Q R Shuttle
Wheelchair Accessible

Times Square is a station complex underneath the intersection of 7th avenue, Broadway, and 42nd street

NQRW platform Edit

This area has high ceilings, two island platforms, and four tracks. Next north: Express-57th street-7th avenue Local-49th street-7th avenue Next south: 34th street-Herald Square

Shuttle platform Edit

This area existed back in 1904, and now serves as the nerve of the station. This area originally had four tracks and two side platforms, but it now has three tracks (Tracks 1, 3, and 4), and island platform, and two side platforms. Next stop: Grand Central

123 platform Edit

This wing has four tracks, two island platforms, and T mosaics along the walls. Ride an uptown 1 train out of the station and, if you look to your right, you can see the shuttle wing as you leave. Next north: Express-72nd street-Broadway Local-50th street-Broadway Next south: 34th street (7th avenue)

7 platform Edit

This area, like all terminals, have two tracks, an island platform, and a "Next train" indicator. Next north-Bryant Park

ACE platform (Port Authority Bus terminal) Edit

This area has four tracks and two offset island platforms, doubling the length of the platform length in total. On the crossover are retail stores. There's an abandoned lower level beneath the downtown platform, that's currently being removed for the 7 line being extended to the Javits Center. Next north: Express-59th street-Columbus Circle Local-50th street-8th avenue Next South: 34th street (8th avenue)

Arts for Transit Edit

The station has several works of art, and still has room for more. *In memory of...

The Commuter's Lament/A Close ShaveEdit

By Norman B. Colp* This consists of metal signs on every 10th girder on the hallway connecting 8th avenue to the rest of the station, facing toward the 7 area.

  • Overslept
  • So tired
  • If late
  • Get fired
  • Why bother?
  • Why the pain?
  • Just go home
  • Do it again.

The RevelersEdit

By Jane Dickson This consists of glass mosaics throughout the station, mostly on the hallway connecting 8th avenue to the rest of the station.

New York in TransitEdit

By Jacob Lawrence It consists of a glass mosaic mural on above the stairway from the shuttle to the NQRW crossover.

The Return of Spring/The Offset of WinterEdit

By Jack Beal It consists of two glass mosaics on a small crossover for the 1239 trains.

Time Square MuralEdit

By Roy Lichtenstein* It consists of a porcelain enamel mural above the shuttle in the nerve of the station.

Times Square Times: 35 TimesEdit

By Toby Buonagurio It consists of ceramic plaques on the glass brick wall of the station.[1]