South Ferry

South ferry

Lines served
1 R
Wheelchair Accesible

South Ferry/Whitehall Street is a station complex on the IRT 1 line, and the BMT R and W lines. The transfer between the two areas has been recently added.

1 platform Edit

This area has two different versions, the first one being now-abandoned. Next North: Rector Street (West side)

Loop platformEdit

This one is the original station, with two balloon loops, two side platforms, and gap fillers. The inner loop is tighter than the outer loop, and was used for a now-abandoned shuttle that went back and forth to Bowling Green. The outer loop lasted longer, and could only hold five cars.

New platformEdit

This one is the new platform after renovation. This has a straight island platform with two tracks on both sides. The mezzanine, other than the artwork, is also new, and also houses a piece of the wall that was found during construction.

R platform Edit

This area, like the loop platform, is original. It has two island platforms, with the outer tracks for northbound and southbound R trains. The middle track is not in official use People would get off on the southbound side, then the doors would reopen on the northbound side to let people get on. Next North: Rector Street (Church street) Next South: Court Street (Borough Hall)

Arts for Transit Edit

There are three works here, one of which is in the stairway landing of the loop.

South SailsEdit

By Sandra Bloodworth (The AFT director) It consists of ceramic tiles of a sailboat, on the stairway landing of the loop platform.

See it Split, See it ChangeEdit

By the Starn Twins It consists of stone mosaics and glass tiles on the new mezzanine. There's also stainless steel fences for the fare control


By Frank Giorgini It consists of ceramic relief tiles, ceramic mosaics, bronze sculptures, and cur-granite floor tiles on the (existing) RW mezzanine.