34th street, 8th avenue, is an IND station on the A, C, and E lines. The official title called 34th street-Penn Station is similar to the station of the same name, on 7th avenue. Next north: Port Authority Bus Terminal Next south: Express-14th street-8th avenue Local-23rd street (8th avenue)

Station layout Edit

The platforms are a bit complicating. Like at 34th and 7th, the station has two side platforms for the local trains, and one platform for the express trains. The tiling, on the other hand, is a more modern version of a typical IND tile work. There are three groups of turnstiles: one set on each of the local platforms, and another set on the crossunder, providing a transfer to the 7th avenue station, via the Long Island Railroad.

Arts for Transit Edit

While in the crossunder, walk down a slightly narrow hallway to another crossover, completely infested with glass mosaic murals, called The Garden of Circus Delights, by Eric Fiscal.