14th Street-Union Square

14 union square

Lines served
L N Q R 4 5 6
Wheelchair Accessible

14th street-Union Square is a station complex that is located beneath 14th street and Park Avenue

456 platform Edit

4 tracks and 2 visable island platforms with gap fillers. There's two side platforms hidden behind the local track walls. This wing was part of the original 1904 route. Next north: Local-23rd street-Park avenue Express-Grand Central Abandoned-18th street-Park avenue Next south: Local-Astor place Express-Brooklyn Bridge-Chambers Street

NQR platform Edit

4 tracks and 2 island platforms. Mosaics on the track walls have pictures of a little village. This wing is accessible via elevator. Next north: Local-23rd street-Bway Express-34th street-Herald Square Next south: Local-8th street NYU Express-Canal Street-Chinatown

L platform Edit

2 tracks and an island platform. Mosaics on the track walls have the letter U, for Union Square. This wing is accessible via elevator, and at the southern end of the NQRW platform. Next north: 14th street-6th avenue Next south: 3rd avenue-14th street

Arts for Transit Edit

Framing Union Square-The station has changed throughout the years. Mary Miss brought back these old artifacts throughout the station, along with red frames with messages in them. Some of these artifacts are eagle plaques from the abandoned side platforms.

The eagles line up on the hallway...well not all eagles are showing!