This is a station complex located, as its name suggests, is located on 14th street and 8th avenue

ACE platform Edit

4 tracks and 2 island platforms. The tiles are regular to an IND station, but there's no 14 anywhere on the platform. Next north: Local-23rd street 8th avenue Express-34th street (8th avenue) Next south: W 4th street

L platform Edit

2 tracks and 1 island platform. This area has a next train indicator, like on most terminal stations. 6th avenue was originally the terminal back in the 20s, and the way to get here is through a hallway on the upper level, which now serves as a high exit. 8th avenue wasn't open until the late 30s. Next south: 14th street-6th avenue

Arts for Transit Edit

Nice and witty, Life Underground by Tom Otterness depicts life underground in the subway. The work is a bunch of bronze sculptures throughout the unexpected areas of the station, and even on one of the benches on the platforms! Examples

An alligator rising out of a sewer eating a man with a money beg head. (This is based on a legend about an alligator being flushed down a toilet)

"Oh, no you don't! Get back in here!"

A man with a money bag head standing on the stairway doing nothing.

A man holding a money bag and sitting on a bench.

A man crawling under the fare control (Watch out for the cop!)

A snake being chained down.

Two men trying to saw off a column of the platform.